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As part of our 2015 PASIC session, "Challenges and Rewards of Today's Percussion Duo," Colin and I interviewed five successful percussion duos in the U.S. and Europe to learn from their experiences. We included highlights of these interviews in our PASIC session, but we are thrilled to make available to you the full audio from our interviews. We hear about how their duos came about, how they choose repertoire, what they believe makes a good duo partner, how they overcome challenges of living in different cities, and more!

Escape Ten is Dr. Annie Stevens and Andrea Venet. This interview includes several great marketing tips, how the duo came up with their name, how they handle living in different states, and more!

One of the trend-setting percussion duos, Meehan/Perkins continues to commission new works for percussion. Listen to learn about what keeps them going, and hear a little about upcoming projects for this duo.

Amsterdam based duo, Joint Venture, is comprised of Rachel Zhang and Laurent Warnier. Coming from vastly different backgrounds, this duo reflects a unique blend of cultural and musical influences.

O Duo (Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox) have performed around the world, inspiring audiences of all ages with virtuosity and passion. Hear how they handle large amounts of repertoire and how they got their first gigs.

Having performed together for over 15 years, Maraca2 has wowed audiences all over the world. Listen to what they believe makes the percussion duo unique and why investing in your duo early can really pay off.

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