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Indoor Percussion Shows

All the King's Men (2020) - A class (coming soon!)

Friction (2016)$700 low open class (5'30")

New Worlds (2015) - $700 low open class (5'30")

Learn to Fly (2015) - $700 low open class (5'20")

Into Focus (2014) - $700  medium/advanced A class (5'25")

Shadows (2013) - $750  advanced open class (6'00")

The Most Astounding Fact (2013) - $700  medium A class (5'15"-5'45")

Destinations (2012) - $700  medium A class (4'45")

Black Widow (2011) - $650  medium A class (5'00")

Grow (2010) - $750  medium open class (6'30")

Boiling Point (2009) - medium A class (4'45")

Barber of Seville (excerpt) (2009) - $150  medium open class (2'00")

Picture Perfect (2008)  medium open class (5'45")

Skewed (2008)  medium/low A class (4’50”)

Ab ovo (2007)  advanced A class (4’45”)

Polarity (2007)  medium/advanced A class (5’00”)

Unity (2006)  medium/advanced A class (5’00”)


To Purchase an Indoor Show

If a price is listed next to a title, that show is available for purchase directly from Brian. Please contact Brian to purchase a show for your group. Picture Perfect, Skewed, and Ab ovo are available for purchase through RowLoff Productions (drop6). 


What is Included?
  • Score and part PDFs

  • MP3 recording of full show

  • Audio samples and FX as necessary

  • Regional/circuit exclusivity (none of your competitors will be performing the same show)


You may edit shows as necessary to fit the needs of your ensemble. However, Sibelius/Finale files will not be included. Brian can help edit a show for a fee, if you need it.

Want to work with Brian on your next show?


Let's talk! Please get in touch with me to talk timelines, arranging rates, and how to get going on your show.


I am also available to consult with you on your marching program, even if I didn't arrange your percussion music. Let me know how I can help you!

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