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As part of our 2015 PASIC session, "Challenges and Rewards of Today's Percussion Duo," Colin and I interviewed five successful percussion duos in the U.S. and Europe to learn from their experiences. In speaking with these duos, we learned about duo repertoire we had not previously known. We have compiled a lengthy list of percussion duo repertoire to share with the hopes that it will help you in finding the next piece(s) for your concert or recital.


I am sure there are more pieces that can be added to this list, and I will add works as I discover them. If you know of a piece that should be added, please contact me and share that information with me. Or if you can help fill in some of the blank spots on the list, please help me do so.


Some pieces on other duo rep lists were omitted intentionally from ours because I was unable to find a way to purchase or obtain a score (i.e., pieces composed and performed by a duo that have not been written down).

Percussion Duo Repertoire
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