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Three Pieces for Marimba
Thoughts on Composition:

I believe a good composition, whether it be through virtuosic demand, or through totally unique artistic vision (or a myriad of other ways), should affect a listener or performer in an authentic way. If we are not communicating anything through our composition, why are we composing? Another aspect I believe to be important is the educational benefit of composition (for composer and performer). I recognize that composing is a great learning tool for all musicians, and I also recognize how a composition can be an important part of the education process for a student or ensemble who learns and performs the piece. A third value of creating new works is the potential for new collaborations. Composing for instrument combinations that currently have a limited repertoire can be a valuable endeavor and experience, again, for both composer and performer. These are some of the ideas that guide my composition and that I encourage in new works.     -BB

Want to commission a piece?

Brian is available to accept commissions for new works for any of the genres listed to the left. Contact Brian to discuss your timeline, commission fees, and how to get your project started.

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